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Health Data Engineering is led by three individuals; all of whom have worked inside the hospital, and for software vendors. This wide range of experience allows us to understand both sides of the healthcare IT environment.

We understand the operational needs of a healthcare provider. The desired information must be available when it is needed and the end user must have trust that the information is accurate.

We understand what it takes to develop and deliver a commercial application. We understand the importance of everyone complying with structure, process, and documentation to ensure a quality product.

We also know there are many ways to achieve a positive outcome. Health Data Engineering leaders and consultants have provided services in many different healthcare environments. We learn for each one and apply it to the next.

Please take a moment to review the bios of our leadership team.
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Our methodology is designed to produce a high quality and cost effective product
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The leadership at HDE includes some of the most experienced and talented healthcare business and technology leaders in the industry
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